Company Name: Hanin Establishment: founded in 1986 is based in Aleppo.

Mission Statement: The central purpose and role of Hanin is defined as:
“The company will create and provide high-quality cotton apparels under the exclusive registered trade mark Hanin®, at suitable prices, to both domestic and international customers’ satisfaction, while working & cooperating together in a climate of friendship and mutual respect to achieve this goal”.
- Delivering high quality and appealing products.
- Following up the consumers evolving needs.

- Consolidating the leading position of the brand.
- Expanding in the markets of Middle East and European Union.

Trade Mark: Hanin®.

Slogan: "A piece of nature".

Products: wide range for men, women and children.
· Body wear.
· Underwear.
· Casual wear.
· Home wear.

Team: Highly motivated employees and expert workmen who have one common goal: to consolidate, protect and develop the brand.